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Black Crystals is a free turn based RPG with point and click elements, and a hand drawn style.

Starsio used to sing songs on the street for a living.  He was kidnapped and sold on the black market to the entertainment establishment "Paprika", where he was forced to become a performer.  

One day, a mysterious power awakens in Starsio, enabling him to control fireflies. He takes this as a sign to escape and return home. Together with his reluctant friend Arthur, Starsio sets his escape plan into motion with one last song.

What awaits Starsio and Arthur outside the doors of Paprika?  Will they be able to make it?

  • Versatile battle system - overcome adversaries by interacting with the environments or by talking your way out of conflict, rather than killing everyone.
  • Skill learn system - learn skills by using skills.
  • Skill unite system - link compatible skills to form more powerful skills.
  • Crystal Skills – equip various Octagons and unleash powerful skills when you attune with the Crystals.
  • Crux system - skill effectiveness is determined by where the skill color lies on the enemy’s Octagon.
  • State of Mind system - decisions impact your party’s mental state, thus impacting their effectiveness, actions, and dialogue.
  • Cat Adoption system – adopt cute kitties on your journey to avail their assistance in and out of battle.VEnjoy custom, colorful and unique hand drawn art and animations for literary every.single.thing


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Thank you and I hope you enjoy the demo!


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Very entertaining game and nice art style. I can definitely tell a lot of work went into this, so with this amount of passion, I'm really looking forward to updates :)

Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the complete game when it is out. :D

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Many thanks for the gameplay video!

Your game looks great enough. I hope you can join the game jam if you want, even without the special theme, you can submit it anyway https://itch.io/jam/2nd-rpg-maker-gotm-jam

Sounds interesting! However, my game is only a demo. Is that alright?

Yes. Demo is allowed.